MarineGo is a shooter survival game featuring thrilling action set pieces, smart AI, destructibility, and a fleshed out story taking
place within an immersive game world .

MarineGO showdown

MarineGo is a shooter survival game

30,000 years ago, humans were forced to leave the Earth and move to other planets, and then humans remembered the Earth, and you were sent to Earth to investigate.

In fact, many Marines have been sent before you, but there is no reply, you don't know if this trip is dangerous, maybe you can still meet them on Earth.

Either way, you're starting a new journey...

  • First-person shooter
  • Shoot and run game
  • Basic sound fx
  • RPG elements
  • 31 open world maps(24 campaign maps + 7 boss maps)
  • Various dungeon features (incl. hidden and locked doors, traps, chasms, chests etc.)
  • 120 types of monsters + 11 bosses
  • 100+ types of items (incl. armor, weapons, potions, wands, scrolls etc.)
  • 3 character classes
  • Adventure with some puzzles
  • Enchanted weapons & inscribed armors
  • Alchemy
  • Shops
  • NPCs and simple quests
  • Rankings (high scores)
  • Badges (achievements)
  • Rating casinos

Update 1: Version 1.0 released.

Update 2: Current version 1.1: